Why to consider Glass Office Walls for your commercial office Interior

Over the past decade, the average size of offices has shrunk by 30%, to 175 sf per employee. That trend coincides with the growing popularity of interior glass for offices construction and renovation.

Workplace privacy is definitely evolving. And the expanding use of interior glass is part and parcel of the move by companies to open up their workspaces to foment collaboration and camaraderie. Indeed, some companies are dispensing with offices altogether, preferring instead open and flexible floor plans.

If you’re trying to decide whether glass walls are right for your office building interior, it can help to know both about both their benefits and drawbacks. That way, you can ensure you’re making a choice that best suits your organization.

There are many perks to having interior office glass partitions — both for offices and conference rooms. Here are some of the best.

Advantages of Glass Office Walls

There are many perks to having interior office glass partitions — both for offices and conference rooms. Here are some of the best.

  • More Natural Light

Natural light helps make an office space look bigger and more open. In addition to improving aesthetics, it can also help boost the mood of team members and help you save on electricity bills (if it’s bright enough for you to keep the lights off).

  • Accommodates the New Shift Towards an Open Office Culture

Workplace culture has shifted. Gone are the days that most people shut their office door to get work done. Instead, organizations today are shifting to having an open office culture, which means that there are communal spaces where people can work, collaborate, or even socialize. By having office walls made of glass (instead of a non-see-through material), you can help foster the feeling of inclusion and togetherness, and, in turn, boost morale and engagement.

  • A Space with Resale Value

If you build an office space which uses glass wall as partitions, you up the resale value of your space, since you can resell it to a wide variety of organizations. Including glass walls in your commercial construction can make the space flexible — companies can envision themselves in the space, and they can adapt it for their own purposes.

The additional advantages of incorporating glass panel walls into an office floor plan, are in-part responsible for their rapidly increasing popularity with office interior designers. Increased affordability is another. A glass alternative to drywall will never go out of style and will provide a modern look that will convey a unique office aesthetic, much the same as you would want for your reception area.

Best Practices for Using Glass Walls for Office Space

If you’ve decided glass walls are right for your office building interior, keep the following best practices in mind while you design:

  • To make acoustics better, go for thicker glass and use sound-masking technology. That way, you can ensure your conversations don’t echo down the halls, or that your space isn’t too loud.
  • Use framed glass. By putting a frame around your glass walls and windows, you reduce the chance that people will walk into them and get injured.
  • Try using cloaking film. Cloaking film allows people to see through glass but does not allow them to see computer screens, projected information, and more. This keeps the same aesthetic without the risk of exposing private data.

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