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AMG Glass Fencing is engineered to meet pool fencing safety code requirements while focusing on a sleek and seamless design that will keep children safe. Our frameless glass fencing is constructed with durable tempered glass and stainless steel hardware that are secured to the ground.

All enclosures feature a child-safe gate locking system using the latest technology in captive closing latches, with solid stainless steel mechanisms and self-closing hinges.

AMG pool safety enclosures will add beauty, value and security to your home while complementing your garden and pool with that extra touch of luxury.


Our glass railings are ideal for remodeling commercial or residential properties. Suitable for both interior and exterior spaces, AMG’s fall-prevention railings are built with tempered or laminated glass to ensure quality and security as well as a unique touch. Engineered and installed with strict compliance to the Florida Building Code, our glass railings guarantee security and add a clean and elegant look to any space.


The frameless system provides a virtually invisible look.  No vertical posts are used between the panels of glass as they’re solely supported from the bottom by high strength stainless steel clamps.


The semi-frameless system offers extra stability and rigidity for glass panels. The added hardware can be a continuous top rail or bracing clamps that are placed between each panel. These hardware additions also provide an architecturally pleasing finish to the glass panels.


AMG provides a personalized service with the finest quality of custom manufactured tempered glass shower enclosures.  Our protective glass is water and stain resistant which prevents build up of soap scum and hard mineral deposits. AMG’s glass shower enclosures provide a seamless, elegant and upgraded look while complying with the Florida Building Code for durability and safety.

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At AMG, we offer a variety of custom mirrors that come in unique shapes and sizes to fit your personalized needs.  Our custom manufactured mirrors add depth and natural light to any room. Designed and fabricated with 1/4” thickness to ensure durability.

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