Glass railings

Our glass Railing Systems are ideal for remodeling commercial or residential properties. Suitable for both interior and exterior spaces, AMG’s fall-prevention railings are built with tempered or laminated glass to ensure quality and security as well as a unique touch. 

Engineered and installed with strict compliance to the Florida Building Code, our glass railings guarantee security and add a clean and elegant look to any space. 


The frameless system provides a virtually invisible look. No vertical posts are used between the panels of glass as they’re solely supported from the bottom by high strength stainless steel clamps.


The semi-frameless system offers extra stability and rigidity for glass panels. The added hardware can be a continuous top rail or bracing clamps that are placed between each panel. These hardware additions also provide an architecturally pleasing finish to the glass panels.



Glass railing systems are specially manufactured, offering excellent durability. Tempered glass panels do not shatter even when cracked, so they are safe and sturdy.

Aside from being resistant to the elements and being weather-proof, glass railings and balustrades are protected from extreme high and cold weather temperature fluctuations.

Lower maintenance

Glass railings do not need to be stained, treated or painted to maintain their beauty and durability. This is an important benefit because they are continuously exposed to the sun, wind and water.

Glass railings require almost no maintenance, all you need to do is clean with some water and detergent occasionally to ensure it’s clear.

Lower maintenance

AMG Glass Railings offer a clean, contemporary look. Since glass is clear, it imparts an open, free and spacious feel to the area. This is an ideal choice for homes that have an open concept or prefer spaciousness. This quality also makes it a good option for smaller homes, making them appear larger.

Highly customizable

Along with the glass, you can also choose from various designs for the interior glass railings to match your sense of aesthetics. We can fully customize your Glass Railing System. Our expert team can give you some original ideas for your particular space.

We are always eager to help with the design and  installation of your Glass Railing System. AMG has a qualified team of installers who, together with the owner, are always on standby to guide you through the process.

We would love to hear about your project. Contact us to request a FREE quote and get pricing, offers and product information.


AMG Glass Fencing & Railings is the premier installer and distributor of glass fencing and glass railings in Miami and South Florida.

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